Technology and Design inspired by Nature

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Shapes follow functionality

Nature optimizes
rather than maximize

In Nature, every resource is precious and organisms have developed strategies to balance production and consumption, thus reducing energy and space usage. Following these guidelines (read more about it here and here), Hexagro develops intelligent gardens that fully adapt to anyone’s environment while efficiently saving energy resources and reducing waste.

Our products are meant to last thanks to circular economy models. Obsolescence will be a concept of the past.

Nature runs

on information

Organisms need information to be attuned with the environment

Several organisms send and receive signals to and from other organisms for adapting to a specific environment.


Our products too, so that everyone will always succeed in harvesting, by monitoring, controlling, and learning the best growing parameters for each plant and season.

Circular Economy

Our products are meant to
last and be reused


Thanks to our design modular approach every component can be updated and repaired as needed, saving resources and reducing waste.

Natural systems are inherently regenerative, every component is reused and repurposed, leaving no waste. In the same way, we want to be a positive force that shapes the future, not a system that exploits and degrades the environment. 

We design our products and activities to be part of a larger cycle, shifting the perspective from linear to circular: we want to give back as much as we take.


Hexagro has been recognized for its Circular Economy approach by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation becoming one of the first members of the CE 100 Emerging Innovators.


The Living Farming Tree is a Solar Impulse Labeled Solution

The World Alliance for Efficient Solutions has included Hexagro as one of the 1000 Efficient Solutions thanks to our sustainability approach. 


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