The benefits of Nature

Discover Biophilia

A Hidden Problem

Our wellbeing greatly depends on our connection with Nature

People with access to natural spaces live happier than those without, yet we spend 90% of our time indoors.

What is Biophilia?

Our innate human attraction to any living beings

The concept of Biophilia proves that people have a physiological need for connecting to Nature. Our wellbeing, productivity, and societal relationships are directly affected by such a connection. We at Hexagro apply these concepts to improve human wellbeing by bringing indoor gardens inside any environment.

Healthier society, healthier you

Making our cities a great
place to live and work 

Growing your own doesn’t simply mean accessing fresher products. Only 40 seconds of interaction with Nature increase focus and creativity by 6%.​


Incorporating Nature into the built environment represents a unique investment for our health and productivity and gives anyone the opportunity to improve their economic gains.


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