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1. Pick your Poty

Everything you need to start growing is included in the box

2. Once you become an Urban Farmer, access the member's area to see the seasonal catalog

3. Choose the seasonal plants you prefer

4.  Add substrate and/or nutrients

(If needed)

5.  Add extra resources

What will you add to your cart?

Our catalog changes depending on the season. You’ll be able to order seeds and seedlings, refills of nutrients and substrate and even gadgets to become a real PRO.

Resources currently available for Italy

At the moment our logistics allow us to deliver plants to the Italian peninsula only; but we are currently working to expand this service to the rest of Europe. Join our newsletter to be the first to know when our resource supply service will launch in your country!

Seasonal plants


Ideal season to plant salads and leafy greens, aromatic herbs and vegetables like onions and carrots. Are you a fan of radicchio and unusual varieties? This is the ideal season to color you garden red, orange and green!
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It can seem like a calm season, but it’s a great time for bulbs and leafy greens like spinach, and arugula.

When covered, you can grow your salads, and you can even begin to plant the varieties that you’ll harvest in the spring!


Perfect season to grow! From thyme to leek, from tomatoes to eggplants: there’s plenty of choice! Non get fooled by nature’s rhythms though: remember to sow your seeds early, or get inspired by Hexagro’s ready-to-transplant seedlings.


Best time to enjoy nature’s fruits! Aromatics, salads and leafy greens, but also beans, carrots and even fennels! You like it spicy? It’s your moment to grow spicy peppers from all over the world.

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Substrate and Nutrients

The substrate and the nutrients are the same you received in the box with Poty: when you finished them you can refill here!


Coconut substrate

Extra tools

Coming soon!

We’re always adding new products to our catalog, become a member to discover the new arrivals and to vote for your favorites!

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