Nature and technology come together to create a unique wellness experience

The Living Farming Tree is designed to bring nature and wellness back into interiors such as your home or business.
With the Living Farming Tree, you will be able to redesign your space to create a relaxing and engaging environment thanks to delicious edible plants.

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Aeroponic technology

High-pressure aeroponic technology is a soilless cultivation method to grow effciently everywhere

No green thumb required

Our IoT technology picks the best cultivation parameters (light spectrum and irrigation)

Modular and customizable

You can adapt its finishings to your needs. Its modular design makes it easier to scale up

Fast growth

Plants grow up to 5 times faster than traditional soil-based cultivation methods

Hexsoft and control panel

Thanks to Hexsoft's control panel you can check cultivation status wherever you are

Harvest and enjoy

Grow herbs, salads, and small vegetables right where you are: pinch and harvest when you want

Living Farming Experience

1. Pick the perfect size

S, M or L? Choose the size that best suits your needs and environment.
S kit grows up to 24 plants and L kit up to 78.

2. Assemble and grow!

The Living Farming Tree can be installed in less than 1 hour.
Add water and seedlings and you're ready to grow!

3. Monitor cultivation

Monitor plants' growth from wherever you are thanks to Hexsoft - but don't get too far, plants grow up to 5 times faster than usual!

4. Harvest and enjoy

Pinch, harvest, and enojoy delicious herbs and vegetables all year round! Share them with friends and family for an even better experience.

Want to install it in your home or business?


Hexsoft is the digital experience of the Living Farming Tree.

It includes a proprietary IoT app, which will allow you to get notifications every time your plants are ready to be harvested, and will help you discover how to best enjoy them.
Monitor cultivation and irrigation parameters thanks to the central dashboard, and request support if needed.

Solar Impulse Labeled

The World Alliance for Efficient Solutions has included Hexagro as one of the 1000 Efficient Solutions thanks to its sustainability approach.

CE 100 Emerging Innovator

Hexagro's Circular Economy approach has been recognized by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation when we became a CE 100 Emerging Innovator.

Biomimicry Insititute

Hexagro and Living Farming Tree participated in the first edition of the Global Design Challenge and accelerator of The Biomimicry Institute.

Be among the first to experience extraordinary wellness


What is aeroponics?

Aeroponics is an indoor farming technology developed by NASA in the 80s to create a new sustainable way to produce food in space.

Aeroponic works with no soil and no liquid water (on the contrary to the most common hydroponic systems).
Plants are grown on an inert substrate and the roots are freely let to develop beneath. Then, as for our Living Farming Tree, the watering system is represented by a specific mist of water and nutrients, saving up to 90% of water consumption.
With aeroponics, roots remain well aerated and absorb more oxygen, more nutrients and therefore grow faster, tastier and more nutritious.

Which plants can I grow with the Living Farming Tree?

From microgreens and sprouts to aromatic herbs, salads, leafy greens, and even berries and small fruits
As long as it can be grown aeroponically, you can grow it on the Living Farming Tree!

Where can I install the Living Farming Tree?

Wherever you prefer, as long as it's indoors! The Living Farming Tree provides light and water to the plants, so you can place it virtually anywhere there is electricity.

Would you like to grow delicious herbs right in your kitchen or living room? You can do that.
Are you a business looking to improve employees’ wellness with fresh food and nature? Absolutely.

All you need is one socket to plug the electrical cable and Wi-Fi connection.

How does it work?

The Living Farming Tree is automated, which means that it basically grows the plants for you!

Our IoT technology picks the best cultivation parameters for your plants, choosing light frequencies and irrigation parameters to best suit the growth status of each plant.
You can monitor the cultivation status and check the settings from remote thanks to our proprietary app, Hexsoft.