Clovy: the IoT vertical garden that teaches you to grow outdoor and indoor

Clovy: the IoT vertical garden that teaches you to grow outdoor and indoor

Last Monday, October 2nd, we finally launched internatioally on Kickstarter, Clovy, Hexagro's new vertical garden. It's even smarter, modular, and more efficient, teaching you how to cultivate in very little space, indoors and outdoors. It's an evolution of Poty, our first vertical garden, born from continuous user engagement and the collection of numerous customer feedback. Clovy incorporates all our know-how in urban farming and the development of these technologies.

But who is Clovy, really? Let's discover together what sets it apart from Poty and what features make it unique.


Clovy, l'orto verticale che ti insegna a coltivare

What makes Clovy unique?  

Clovy is much more than a simple vertical garden; it's a mix of innovation, technology, and sustainability that come together to create a product with a smart, eco-friendly design that's easy to use. It is available in two versions, standard and eco-premium, and in two sizes:

- Small: four pots + a container for a total of up to 20 plants.

- Large: eight pots + a container for a total of up to 40 plants.

The standard version uses 100% recycled plastic, while the eco-premium version is made from upcycled bio-composite materials such as wood chips and rice husks. Both versions of Clovy will be available in the S and L sizes and in various colors. Let's delve into its main features.

IoT irrigation system 

Clovy is equipped with an advanced IoT (Internet of Things) irrigation system, which is one of its most innovative and crucial features. Thanks to IoT technology, the irrigation system is fully automated and interconnected, allowing precise remote control of the irrigation process and easier maintenance.

With a low-pressure pump and a smart reservoir, Clovy can provide your plants with up to two weeks of water without the need for refills.

With the IoT system, you can schedule specific times and days for irrigation, adjusting the amount of water delivered. This flexibility allows you to optimize water consumption, reduce waste, and promote responsible water resource management. Moreover, the irrigation system features two electrical outlets that can be easily automated and can connect to any additional electronic devices.


Sistema IoT di Clovy 

Modular and scalable design 

Clovy's modular and scalable design allows you to adapt and personalize the garden according to your specific plant and space requirements.

Clovy's modular system is based on units or modules that can be easily assembled and combined according to your preferences; each module is designed to accommodate four plants, up to a maximum of 40 plants in the L version. This will allow you to start with a small garden and later expand it as you wish by adding more modules when you want to grow more plants or as you gain more experience in cultivation.


 Design modulare e scalabile di Clovy


IoT Hexagro App and digital assistant Hexbee 

Clovy's IoT system is in direct communication with the Hexagro IoT App, an essential component for your user experience. The app is designed to:

- Provide complete and intuitive control;
- Allow efficient and personalized monitoring of crops;
- Set specific irrigation parameters;
- Within the app, you can add the plants you are growing and monitor the entire growth and cultivation process.

Additionally, through the app, you can access the Hexbee digital assistant, a guide that will always be by your side while you cultivate. Hexbee will provide you with detailed information on the specific needs of the plants, personalized cultivation advice, and answers to questions about nutrients, plant diseases, and more.


App IoT Hexagro


Double growing method 

Clovy's scalability allows you to choose between two cultivation methods based on your needs or experience level:

- Hydroponic fertigation (using a substrate);
- Low-pressure aeroponics (without using a substrate).

The main difference lies in the use or non-use of the coconut fiber substrate and how plants receive water and nutrients. In hydroponic fertigation, plants absorb nutrients from the substrate, while in low-pressure aeroponics, the water and nutrient solution are misted onto the roots, which remain suspended in the air.

In both cases, you can grow any plant you want on Clovy, whether starting from seeds or using pre-grown seedlings.


Doppio metodo di coltivazione: idroponica e aeroponica

Advanced eco-friendly materials

With Clovy, we want to contribute to the environment, which is why we decided to make it from environmentally friendly and recycled materials. Specifically, the standard version is made from 100% recycled plastic, while the eco-premium version is obtained from agricultural waste materials such as wood and rice husk, combined with bio-resins.

Clovy's composition embodies a principle we strongly believe in: we want to give back as much as we take!


Eco-materiali avanzati

Water level sensors

The water level sensors integrated into Clovy's IoT irrigation system are advanced devices designed to accurately measure the amount of water in the reservoir or irrigation container. These sensors are essential to ensure proper water supply to the plants, avoiding both over-irrigation and water deficiency.

Online community

With Clovy, you gain access to an exciting community of urban farmers, an online space rich in opportunities.

- Share cultivation ideas and experiences
- Access exclusive content;
- Immerse yourself in a world of tips and tricks to learn how to cultivate at your best;
- Ask questions and get answers from other urban farmers or our expert agronomists.

But that's not all!

The community is not just a sharing space; it is also the starting point for the latest updates: stay informed about events, webinars, workshops, and special meetings dedicated to cultivation and urban farming, and build relationships with other passionate members like you!

The urban farming community knows no boundaries.


Hexagro Urban farming community


Differences from Poty  

Clovy is an evolution of Poty, our first vertical garden developed in 2021. The principle of scalability and modularity remains the same, but with many improvements made thanks to careful listening to our customers' feedback and the new technologies in the market.

The real innovation of Clovy compared to Poty lies in the IoT system, capable of managing Clovy remotely by controlling irrigation frequency, water levels, and plant status through the connection with the Hexagro IoT App. Additionally, Clovy offers a wider variety of materials and finishes that make up different product variants: recycled plastic in multiple colors and upcycled bio-composite materials including wood and rice husk.

With Clovy, you can cultivate both indoors and outdoors and, depending on your experience level, you can choose whether to grow hydroponically or aeroponically.


Clovy is the perfect solution for those who want to learn to cultivate simply and effectively: its modularity and flexibility allow you to create a tailored cultivation experience, adaptable to any space and preference, making it ideal for both experienced green thumbs and beginners. With Clovy, urban farming becomes accessible to all, promoting a healthier lifestyle, a deeper connection with nature, and a sustainable future.

Support our project and become part of a global urban farming community: a movement of passionate people growing healthy food to reduce environmental impact. Help us spread the seeds of urban farming.