Introducing Clovy: the smarter vertical garden to grow in the comfort of your home.

    Urban Farming Reinvented

    • Meet Clovy — the IoT vertical garden that teaches you how to grow successfully. Its sleek design and modular structure work indoors or outdoors, while the advanced IoT automation system ensures perfect watering.

    • Advanced IoT System 🌱

      Unlike other gardening systems, Clovy's advanced IoT (Internet of Things) automation system regulates the irrigation process and upgrades the functionalities of the product over time.

    • 2 Cultivation Methods 🪴

      Clovy's low-pressure pump and plug-and-play sensors work seamlessly alongside the IoT system. Plus, its smart container allows you up to two weeks of irrigation without filling it!

    • Let Hexbee Guide You 📱

      Our Hexagro mobile app and its AI-powered digital growing assistant, Hexbee, ensure you’ll have expert guidance at your fingertips, making plant care an absolute breeze.

    Sustainable Gardening Made Simple

    • Dual growth methods

      With Clovy you can grow using both hydroponics fertigation and low pressure aeroponics

    • Eco-friendly design

      Choose between Standard 100% recylced plastics or Eco-Premium bio-composite materials

    • IoT Automation

      Advanced IoT (Internet of Things) technology enables the automated irrigation process, efficiently managing watering schedules for easy maintenance

    • Plug and Play sensors

      Provide real-time data on crucial factors like water levels, temperature and light conditions

    A new App, a new Hexbee 🐝

    • The new Hexagro app lets you automate your cultivation parameters while learning how to grow! Our brand new IoT app features a new generation of Hexbee, your AI-powered digital growing assistant.

      Hexbee revolutionizes plant care with a seamless blend of knowledge and fun.

    • Access Real-time Data

      Various plug-and-play sensors provide real-time data on crucial factors like moisture levels, temperature and light conditions. These sensors work in conjunction with the IoT system to optimize plant growth.

    • Receive Tips & Reminders

      Hexbee will share tips, personalized recommendations and reminders, and even invite you to workshops focused on your gardening needs.

    • Share With Our Community

      Access the Hexagro online community where you can interact, learn and connect with others! You can also take pictures via the app to get support and requests from Clovy’s agronomist, and even see recipes based on what you’re growing.

    What our Urban Farmers say

      I've always wanted to have plants in my home, but not being an expert in the art of taking care of greenery, I've always opted for alternative solutions, such as fake plants.Thanks to Poty, however, I was able to bring my balcony back to life, with minimal effort!

      Federica G.

      I hesitated a bit to get the L kit model for fear it was too big, but I actually made the right choice. I can grow whatever I want and it also leaves me the space to germinate some seedlings while the others grow.

      Lodovico C.

      It's nice to see zero-meter vegetables growing on my balcony and seeing them taller every morning is a blast!

      Katherine C.

      Growing with Hexagro at school is the most inclusive educational tool we ever had. I cannot wait to see my students - especially the ones who never eats veggies at home - harvest the first plants and eat them!

      Prof. John M.

      Students growing at school make them calmer and more prone to learning new activities. I'm happy to have this tool to bring some more hands-on experiences to the classroom.

      Prof. Gilda R.