About Us

Anyone, anywhere can grow and access healthy food. This is the mission we stand by every day.


How it started, where we’re going

  • From a bachelor thesis in product design, to an international team committed to decentralize the way we grow and access healthy food.

    We leverage urban agriculture and vertical farming to preserve the highest nutrient content of fresh food and cut food miles.

    We are building the world’s first urban farming platform.


In what we believe

  • We believe healthy food should thrive where people live, in every corner of the world, thanks to urban farming. We bring you close to nature to boost your health and happiness.

    We cultivate knowledge and skills among young generations through engaging experiences. We design eco-friendly, durable solutions for the future of our planet.

    Our impact
  • Our approach

    Modular gardens designed by Nature, powered by automation, shared by people growing around the world.

    Discover biomimicry
  • Who we are

    Milan based, internationally hearted.

    We are strange mix of engineers, designers, project managers, marketers, and agronomists who come together for the same mission: building the most impactful company on the planet while changing the way we grow and access healthy food.

    We are young, but dream big. We are diverse, but we share the same values.

    We are small team, but we are growing fast. Want to join our team?

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