This year you learned to be patient: 

Now get ready to blossom with Poty



Outdoor Urban Farmers

Our vertical tower is perfect for anyone! 

It fits even in the tiniest of balconies and you’ll be able to grow seasonal produce with the help of our virtual urban farmer.

No green thumb required: just follow its lead and you’ll become a pro.

Compact, easy to maintain

For outdoors: balcony, terrace, etc.

Automated irrigation

Guided digital experience


What you can grow

with Poty

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Living Farming 

Tree (LFT)

Indoor Urban Farmers

Our soilless indoor garden is perfect

for the most innovative, creative and curious souls.

Discover how to grow fresh greens without soil and dive into the immersive experience of growing food in your house or business.

Aeroponics: soilless cultivation

For indoors

IoT automated

Interactive digital experience


Our social impact

Thanks to you, we can empower farmer communities around the world, transferring our know-how and technologies.


We envision a future where anybody anywhere can access healthy food through vertical farming. 


"Nato con l’intento di dar vita a un’economia circolare che possa combattere gli sprechi, Hexagro vanta importanti riconoscimenti ottenuti dalla Ellen MacArthur Foundation e dalla Solar Impulsa Foundation."


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