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Growing has never been easier,

no matter where you are.

Discover our vertical gardens to grow fresh food where you want

Urban farming is the act of growing food in the city: simple yet revolutionary.

We at Hexagro want to make it a reality, to finally make healthy food accessible for anyone, anywhere.

Join the revolution and our community of users who share the same values of sharing, accessibility, and sustainability.

What’s your style?

Do you prefer growing at home or in your business?
Either way, we have just the product for you!


Grow at home

How many plants can you fit in 1 sqm? As many as you want with Poty!
It’s compact: perfect to grow fruits and vegetables on your balcony.
You don’t need a green thumb: guide to cultivation is included.

Living Farming Tree

Grow in your business

Our soilless indoor garden is perfect for the most innovative, creative and curious souls.
Discover how to grow without soil and dive into the immersive experience of growing food in your business.

Plants & Resources

Seedlings ready to be transplanted into your Poty:
pick your favorites from our catalog of 30+ varieties.

Our products in action

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"C’è anche un risvolto sociale: per ogni Poty venduto, l’azienda installa nuovi moduli attraverso Hexagro Siembra Vertical, attualmente attivo in Colombia a sostegno delle comunità più fragili."


"Nato con l’intento di dar vita a un’economia circolare che possa combattere gli sprechi, Hexagro vanta importanti riconoscimenti ottenuti dalla Ellen MacArthur Foundation e dalla Solar Impulsa Foundation."


"Fa risparmiare risorse, non necessita di pesticidi e si può praticare anche negli uffici, dove il tema del benessere lavorativo è sempre più in cima all’agenda dei responsabili Risorse umane"


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