Grow a better world with Poty

Much more than a vertical garden


Transform your living space into a thriving urban garden with Poty.

  • Embrace the urban farming lifestyle and grow your own fresh, healthy food right at home, even without a green thumb.

    Poty guides and assists you every step of the way, with our app Hexbee and the convenience of automated irrigation. Become an Urban Farmer today!

Poty: the original with Starter Kit included

Poty is the only vertical garden made with high-quality recycled materials that has everything included in the box to start growing immediately.
In the box, along with your vases and irrigation system, you’ll find our Starter Kit: blocks of organic coconut fiber substrate, mix of organic nutrients, and Hexbee, your digital cultivation guide.

Automated irrigation: how does it work?

Poty has a central irrigation system with a timer. The first vase is a water container and it contains the pump: thanks to a system of micropipes the water will flow to all the vases. You will have to refill the container every 5 days. Thanks to the timer included you can set up days and times of irrigation: to discover when and for how long you should water your plants, you can check on Hexbee, Poty’s digital cultivation guide.

Sustainability and recycled materials: find out what we use

For Poty we only use recycled and recyclable materials.
The plastic of the vases is 100% recycled and the nutrients included in the Starter Kit are organic. The coconut fiber substrate to grow is a circular economy product: it’s naturally disease-resistant and offers great drainage.

Each purchase supports our social projects

Allowing anyone to grow healthy food is our mission. Every Poty system sold contributes to our social projects in developing countries. Discover more here.

  • Hexbee

    Your digital guide to a successful harvest! Grow your favorite plants in a gamified experience.

Unlock the Power of Hexbee:

  • Personalized growth tips and tricks catering to your unique requirements.

    Access a wealth of video tutorials and blog articles created by our expert agronomists, guiding you through every phase of cultivation.

    A dedicated Support Team at your service, ready to address all your queries and growing needs.

  • Why to grow

    With Poty

  • Eat healthier, no chemicals

  • Reconnect to Nature

  • Be part of the change

  • How to grow

    With Poty

  • 1. Assemble Poty

    Add vases, irrigation system and coconut substrate

  • 2. Set the irrigation

    Pick days and times thanks to the timer

  • 3. Add water and nutrients

    For your plants to grow

  • 4. Pick your favorite plants

    From our seasonal catalog

  • 5. Follow Hexbee

    To learn and discover tips!

  • 6. Enjoy!

    Enjoy your fresh garden full of deliciousness!

  • What to grow

    With Poty

  • Leafy greens

  • Aromatic Herbs

  • Small fruits

  • Fruit vegetables

  • Bulb and onions

What our Urban Farmers say

    I've always wanted to have plants in my home, but not being an expert in the art of taking care of greenery, I've always opted for alternative solutions, such as fake plants.Thanks to Poty, however, I was able to bring my balcony back to life, with minimal effort!

    Federica G.

    I hesitated a bit to get the L kit model for fear it was too big, but I actually made the right choice. I can grow whatever I want and it also leaves me the space to germinate some seedlings while the others grow.

    Lodovico C.

    It's nice to see zero-meter vegetables growing on my balcony and seeing them taller every morning is a blast!

    Katherine C.

    Growing with Hexagro at school is the most inclusive educational tool we ever had. I cannot wait to see my students - especially the ones who never eats veggies at home - harvest the first plants and eat them!

    Prof. John M.

    Students growing at school make them calmer and more prone to learning new activities. I'm happy to have this tool to bring some more hands-on experiences to the classroom.

    Prof. Gilda R.

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