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Growing is easier with Poty

The vertical garden with automated irrigation and digital cultivation guide

Discover Poty

With Poty you can grow right at home, even if you don’t have a green thumb

Poty takes care of your plants and teaches you how to do it too!
Thanks to the automated irrigazione and Hexbee, the digital guide, starting your vegetable garden at home with Poty is easy and quick.

· Pick your favorite plants: in our catalog there is definitely something for you!
· Hexbee is our app, it will teach how to take care of them..
· The automated irrigation system waters the plants for you even when you’re away.
· With the included Starter Kit you have everything you need to grow.

How to grow
with Poty
Poty: the original with Starter Kit included
Poty is the only vertical garden made with high-quality recycled materials that has everything included in the box to start growing immediately.
In the box, along with your vases and irrigation system, you’ll find our Starter Kitt: blocks of organic coconut fiber substrate, mix of organic nutrients, and Hexbee, your digital cultivation guide.
Automated irrigation: how does it work?
Poty has a central irrigation system with a timer.
The first vase is a water container and it contains the pump: thanks to a system of micropipes the water will flow to all the vases.
You will have to refill the container every 5 days.
Thanks to the timer included you can set up days and times of irrigation: to discover when and for how long you should water your plants, you can check on Hexbee, Poty’s digital cultivation guide.
Sustainability and recycled materials: find out what we use
For Poty we only use recycled and recyclable materials.
The plastic of the vases is 100% recycled and the nutrients included in the Starter Kit are organic and biologic.
The coconut fiber substrate to grow (included in the Starter Kit) is a circular economy product: it’s naturally disease-resistant and offers great drainage.
Each purchase supports our social projects
Allowing anybody to grow healthy food is our mission. For every Poty sold, we install another Poty in the social project we support

Hexbee is your digital guide to grow with Poty

Hexbee is an app, designed to guide you in your cultivation with Poty.
Hexbee has all the information and tips you will need to grow successfully, it’s easy to install and easy to use.

Hexbee is a Member’s Exclusive, reserved for our Urban Farmers, like many other of our products.
To access our Member’s Exclusive resources and use Hexbee, pick your Poty.

What to grow with Poty


Aromatic herbs


Fruit vegetables

Bulbs and onions

What people say

"C’è anche un risvolto sociale: per ogni Poty venduto, l’azienda installa nuovi moduli attraverso Hexagro Siembra Vertical, attualmente attivo in Colombia a sostegno delle comunità più fragili."

"Nato con l’intento di dar vita a un’economia circolare che possa combattere gli sprechi, Hexagro vanta importanti riconoscimenti ottenuti dalla Ellen MacArthur Foundation e dalla Solar Impulsa Foundation."

"Fa risparmiare risorse, non necessita di pesticidi e si può praticare anche negli uffici, dove il tema del benessere lavorativo è sempre più in cima all’agenda dei responsabili Risorse umane"
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