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Prevent & Care: Bundle Kit

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Complete kit for Plant Protection

Promote the health of your plants with this Bundle Kit, a complete package for the protection and optimal growth of your plants. Designed to enhance the resistance of your plants against stress and deficiencies. Includes four powerful natural plant protection solutions, along with a built-in sprayer for easy mixing and application.

Kit Contents: 

  • Neem (250ml) Enhancement of the effectiveness of treatments on all plants. Effective protection against common pests such as aphids, scale insects, thrips, red spider mites, whiteflies, moths, cockroaches, mosquitoes and others.
  • Propolis (250 ml) Natural enhancer of plant defenses, rich in flavones, flavonoids, vitamins and trace elements. Supports plants in fighting stress and parasites.
  • Soft Soap (250 ml) Plants against insects and stress. Strengthens plant defenses caused by insects such as mites, aphids and whiteflies.
  • Sulfur (500 ml) Organic fertilizer that improves the growth and defenses of plants. Contains yeast extracts, algae and essential sulfur to promote photosynthesis and nutrient absorption.
  • Spray bottle (700 ml) Essential tool for preparing concentrated solutions and adding water according to the dilution instructions.
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