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Poty Irrigation Upgrade

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Poty Irrigation Upgrade is our innovative irrigation kit that significantly enhances your Poty system, ensuring optimal functioning and improved irrigation for your plants.

With customized and precise irrigation, you can accurately water in each vase at each level via 4 microtubes, allowing well-distributed water and fostering healthy, flourishing plant growth.

The Poty Cap (Poty water tank cover) is designed to prevent access from any unwanted insects or debris within the container's substrate. The pump filter is an essential part of preventing clogging due to residues in the tank, ensuring proper pump operation.

The kit includes various components such as

  • Mini T connectors, drippers, male adapters, microtubes, pump filter, and Poty Cap cover, along with detailed instructions.

Select kit version S or L based on your Poty size.


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