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Poty is the vertical garden that teaches you how to grow! 

It’s compact and sturdy and thanks to the automated irrigation and digital cultivation assistant, caring for your vegetable garden becomes easy and user-friendly.
The purchase of each Poty supports our social projects in Colombia.

Poty is made of recycled plastics and comes in 2 size variants, with or without the Starter Kit option.
Poty S kit can fit 20 plants, while Poty L kit can fit up to 40 plants from salads and aromatics to bulbs and vegetables: this size is perfect for beginners, small families, or aromatics lovers.


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  • The irrigation system has a central pump, a system of micropipes and a timer: it has to be connected to a power outlet to work properly.
  • Included with your Poty, you’ll get the serial code to access the digital cultivation guide - Hexbee.
  • To grow on Poty you have to use a coconut fiber substrate: it’s a sustainable and recyclable alternative to soil, and it guarantees a safe and successful harvest without risking to block the drainage and the irrigation pipes. If you don't already have coconut substrate available, you can order the Poty + Starter kit bundle.
  • To endure top quality and a successful cultivation on Poty, remember to use hydroponics nutrients in combination with coconut substrate. If you don't already have hydroponics nutrients available, you can order the Poty + Starter kit bundle.
  • The modularity of the product makes it perfect for compact shipping and easy assembly.
  • You can get nutrients, substrate refills and germinated plants to keep growing seamlessly. Visit our Plants & Resources to find out more.


Which plants can I grow with Poty?

Poty uses inorganic substrates to support plant growth, this means that almost any herb, fruit and vegetable can be grown with it. Visit the Plants & Resources page to discover all the varieties of plants and seeds we are offering in this season!

How stable is Poty?

The system has a sturdy aluminum base to ensure excellent stability even when fully loaded. At the same time 4 wheels ensure it can be moved if needed. You can expect to reach a total weight of the system (with substrate, water and plants growing) between 20/25Kg for Poty S kit and 40/45Kg for Poty L kit.

Is it difficult to grow plants with Poty?

It’s very easy! Thanks to the support of Hexbee, your digital farming assistant, no green thumb is required to have a successful harvest. After assembly, you just have to germinate the plant from seed or directly transplant our seasonal seedlings. The automated fertigation system will then take care of watering the plants and delivering the nutrients wherever needed! You only need to make sure the container doesn't run out of water, but we’ll send you some reminders, hence no worries ;)

What do I need to install Poty?

You simply need a free area of about 2 sq. feet / 1 sq. meter and the possibility to plug the water pump cable to a socket. That’s it, the rest of the resources and components will come within the product package.

Can Poty be installed indoors?

It could yes, but you need to make sure it is positioned in a room with plenty of natural light, aim for 6-8 hours a day, otherwise most edible plants won’t grow efficiently.

How is the maintenance, how much do I have to do?

Every garden needs some love and care to grow efficiently. Poty has an automated irrigation system so most of the job will be done by itself. You’ll need to refill the water in the container 1-2 times a week. You will also have to add nutrients to the water once a week, trim plants when needed or empty the pots when you restart a new full cultivation. But no worries! Every step will be guided by Hexbee, you virtual urban farmer.

Which Poty kit is ideal for me?

Choosing your Poty depends a lot on how many plants you want to grow. Both products take up the same footprint, so it’s really about  the height.

Poty S kit can be ideal for those who have never grown and are especially interested in keeping their favorite herbs always fresh. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a system that can help you grow real vegetables, the best choice is undoubtedly the Poty L kit. You can have up to 40 plants and better manage the heights of the modules and the light-needs of your plants. Finally, don't forget the aesthetics, you will have a structure almost two meters high full of colors!

Which are the Member’s Benefits?

Exclusive plants, refills of substrate and nutrients, and growing kits: these are the benefits for our Members! Being a Member is free, but only Poty users can become Members. If you don’t have Poty you won’t be able to register as a Member, and will only access a small selection of plants. Get your Poty now!


We offer a 14 days return policy for Poty.

Poty has a 2 year warranty

If any of the components is defective, we will substitute or repair them. For more info, visit our Terms & Conditions