Hexagro App

Join a thriving community and learn how to grow healthy food at home. From zero to urban farmer in no time!


For Beginners and Experienced Growers alike

  • Our brand new App is every urban farmer's dream made reality.

  • Learn how to grow, no garden required

  • Monitor & Control your cultivation

  • Meet our AI-powered Growing Assistant Hexbee

Start growing from zero

  • Whether you have an Hexagro garden or not, you can access our App and learn how to become an urban farmer in few simple steps.

  • Tired of seeing your plants perish after a few days? Learn how to grow from seed with a few home staple items.

    Eager to get step by step tutorial for your first endeavor? Hexbee will guide you all the way to a successful harvest.

    Looking to connect with likeminded growers? Join our urban farming community now, for free.

    Interested in leveling up your growing skills? On Hexagro App you can find all the resources needed to start, or scale up your gardening game.

Scale up and boost yield

  • You already have an Hexagro garden or your own system? Connect it to the App to leverage all IoT functionalities.

    Want to grow even more? With Hexagro App digital services you can access Premium growing plans.

    Monitor, track and optimize cultivation data. With Hexagro App you have access to advanced growing data to boost your yield smartly.

    Join offline events and online growing resources. Connect with a thriving urban farming community, participate to local meetups and access dedicated growing support material by our expert agronomists.

What our Urban Farmers say

    I've always wanted to have plants in my home, but not being an expert in the art of taking care of greenery, I've always opted for alternative solutions, such as fake plants.Thanks to Poty, however, I was able to bring my balcony back to life, with minimal effort!

    Federica G.

    I hesitated a bit to get the L kit model for fear it was too big, but I actually made the right choice. I can grow whatever I want and it also leaves me the space to germinate some seedlings while the others grow.

    Lodovico C.

    It's nice to see zero-meter vegetables growing on my balcony and seeing them taller every morning is a blast!

    Katherine C.

    Growing with Hexagro at school is the most inclusive educational tool we ever had. I cannot wait to see my students - especially the ones who never eats veggies at home - harvest the first plants and eat them!

    Prof. John M.

    Students growing at school make them calmer and more prone to learning new activities. I'm happy to have this tool to bring some more hands-on experiences to the classroom.

    Prof. Gilda R.

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