4 good reasons to start a city garden

4 good reasons to start a city garden

In cities, an innovative and green trend is emerging: urban gardens. More and more people have started cultivating small gardens right in the city to reconnect with nature, discover a new hobby, and rediscover the joy of growing something with their own hands.

A crucial element in this trend is the growing awareness of the importance of urban gardens. They are not seen merely as an agricultural innovation but as a remedy for the body, mind, the planet, and urban communities.

Here are four benefits of city gardens.

More accessible, fresh, and healthy food

Cultivating your own city garden provides access to ultra-fresh, local, pesticide-free, and chemical-free food. It's not just a temporary trend but a growing movement that will play an increasingly significant role in our future. According to the United Nations, more people will live in urban areas, leading to a higher demand for local, fresh products in cities.

Moving part of food production directly to the city through small gardens can help reduce the agri-food supply chain and ensure that city dwellers have healthy, fresh, and accessible products.

Cultivating a small garden: a sustainable choice with a significant impact

Planet's well-being

The closer the garden, the shorter the distance food travels to reach your table. This means that having a balcony garden reduces food miles, the use of packaging for transportation, CO2 emissions, and, consequently, air pollution: a real benefit for our health. 

Did you know that arable lands are running out? According to FAO data, the relentless quest for arable lands for cultivation is leading to deforestation and excessive soil exploitation, with dire consequences for local biodiversity and the planet's well-being. Yes, the implementation of urban gardens can be our salvation!

Stronger and more united communities

Urban gardens are also crucial from a social perspective because they create and strengthen a sense of community and belonging. Cultivating together, sharing advice, and exchanging fresh garden products with neighbors and friends create a more united, robust, and compassionate community.

Planning and caring for a garden together is a beautiful creative and educational experience, especially for children, who can develop an appreciation for nature and healthy eating habits. Not to mention the immense sense of pride when the first sprouts appear!

Reconnect with nature

We need to be in contact with nature; there's no doubt about it. A study by the University of British Columbia has shown that being in nature improves our physical and mental well-being. Green spaces reduce stress and negative thoughts, enhance mood, and even boost creativity. In increasingly hectic urban settings, it's crucial to carve out a green relaxation space to recharge and combat stress.

Fresh food, a protected environment, a stronger community, and mental well-being are just a few of the benefits of a city garden, making it a revolutionary and essential act for the future of the planet!

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