Tired of the same old herbs? Break free!

Tired of the same old herbs? Break free!

Had enough of the usual basil plant from the supermarket?

If you want to break free from the norm and expand your knowledge of aromatic varieties, you should know that there are more than 26 species of basil in the world. It's not just our dear beloved Genovese basil.

Discover some curious balcony aromatic plants

Are you looking for more exotic varieties that can surprise and stimulate your senses? Then you absolutely must try the exotic species, which offer an unusual twist to the traditional varieties you already know. Let's explore some of them!

Among the oldest aromatic herbs, we find thyme, with its first traces dating back to the Stone Age. It was primarily used to repel insects. Today, its fragrance and repellent power remain the same as it was then!

If you want to try something different, thyme and Lemon Thyme are two varieties that will not only ward off mosquitoes on your balcony but also bring an intense citrus aroma. Like thyme, they are perennial plants, resistant to both cold and heat. Once transplanted, they will require very little attention.

Lemon thyme

While sage used to be considered sacred and not consumed, today we use it in various culinary dishes. Sage can be a faithful companion; once it takes root, it will be hard to get rid of. With a little care, it can even live up to 15 years.

Among the 900 varieties of sage, we find Red Sage, a perennial species created by crossing hybrids to acquire a red-violet color. It is mainly used for ornamental purposes, but Red Sage, besides being beautiful, is also rich in beneficial properties, one more reason to have it on your balcony!

Another variety, this time more exotic, is Pineapple Sage, originating from Mexico. At first glance, it doesn't resemble the classic sage at all; it's much more floral. Unlike common sage, it is more delicate and suffers from the cold, making it a more suitable herb for the summer period.

Pineapple sage

But don't worry, if you want to have it even in winter, you can simply dry it and enjoy excellent infusions, which are also perfect as a remedy for flu, sore throat, and cold.

Another aromatic herb that should not be missing on your balcony is mint. This highly fragrant herb has been considered a symbol of hospitality since ancient times, and it's also essential for making excellent mojitos! One variety with green, oval leaves, and a distinctive feature and unmistakable pungent aroma is Peppermint!

Peppermint is fresh and sparkling, and its lively flavor can be enjoyed throughout the year, from summer drinks to Christmas desserts.

A delicious alternative to mint is Roman Mint, with bluish-green leaves and delightful purple-tinted flowers. It's perfect for Roman-style artichokes or for preparing digestive infusions and decoctions.

How to keep balcony aromatic herbs healthy

Aromatic herbs on the balcony do not require much attention compared to other plants in the garden; in fact, we often risk forgetting about them!

The driest and sunniest corner of our balcony is all they ask for to thrive. They are indeed very robust plants, but they can add a truly special touch to our dishes. Without these aromatic herbs, many Mediterranean cuisine recipes would lose the uniqueness that distinguishes them—unique scents, flavors, and aromas.

People on a balcony taking care of the plants

Depending on their light and water requirements, the aromatic herbs will need a different position on your balcony. Using a vertical garden like Poty, you can arrange the herbs as follows: in the lower pots, the herbs that need more water and the right amount of sun, such as basil, parsley, and mint. 

In the middle pots, you can grow species like thyme and oregano, which prefer partial shade and the right amount of water. While in the higher pots of Poty, you can place the species that prefer full sun and little water, such as sage, oregano, and marjoram.

If you can't wait to enrich your garden with new, colorful, and fragrant aromatic plants, take a look at Hexagro's online catalog, where you can conveniently select and have them delivered directly to your home.

Fill your balcony with aromatic novelties!

Photo by Thomas Rehehäuser on Unsplash