5 Urban farming activities to educate your children on sustainability

5 Urban farming activities to educate your children on sustainability


How can you educate your kids about sustainability?

Talking about sustainability and addressing topics like climate change with your children is becoming increasingly important. An effective approach can be urban farming, creating sustainable urban environments that can positively influence children's behavior. This way, kids can learn to become aware and responsible citizens through playful experiences and activities at home and outdoors, such as creating a home garden or a domestic compost. Sustainability becomes a tangible and enjoyable concept even for the little ones!

To do this, we have come up with 5 practical urban farming activities, perfect for spending quality time with your children and getting them closer to nature. The garden is just one of the many opportunities to teach them how to grow their own plants and fruits, while understanding the importance of sustainability.

Here are 5 fun activities to do together to teach them to be more sustainable and responsible towards the environment.


1) Create your vertical garden at home


Bambini che preparano il terreno per fare l'orto

The vertical garden is an ideal solution for those with limited space who want to cultivate at home or on the balcony. Teaching children to design and build a small vertical garden using recycled materials such as plastic bottles, wooden crates, or gutters will help them understand the importance of recycling and reusing materials. Moreover, they will be excited to see their plants grow in a space created with their own hands.

To learn more about how the garden can be an educational source for your children, read more in the article "The Benefits of Urban Agriculture for Children."


2) Sow and care for your plants together


Bambina e genitore che piantano sulla terra

Involve your children in choosing the plants to grow in your urban garden and in the sowing process. Show them how to take care of the plants regularly, monitoring growth, watering properly, and checking for any pests. This activity will help them understand the life cycle of plants and the importance of proper care to ensure healthy growth.


3) Recycle together and prepare compost


Bambino accanto al compost all'aperto nel giardino

Teaching children the importance of recycling and composting is essential for a more sustainable future. Involve your kids in waste sorting and creating a small domestic compost to produce natural fertilizer for the plants. This practice will make them more aware of the importance of reducing waste and the value of organic waste.


4) Cook together with the harvest from your home garden


Giovane padre con bambino che cucina verdure

Cooking with your children is a fantastic way to spend quality time together and teach them the importance of a healthy and sustainable diet. Involve your kids in preparing tasty recipes using fresh ingredients harvested directly from your home garden. For example, you can prepare a delicious salad with freshly picked vegetables, homemade basil pesto, or stuffed zucchini together. This way, your children will learn the value of eating fresh and seasonal foods and appreciate the result of their efforts in cultivating the garden. And to stay motivated, plan together the menu for your next recipes!


5) Create games on urban farming and environmental themes 

Bambino che gioca nella natura

Organize interactive games and educational activities for your children on urban farming and how to help your plants adapt to climate change. This will help them understand the importance of sustainability and respect for the environment. For example, you can create a quiz about facts and curiosities related to urban farming or invent a role-playing game where children take on the role of urban farmers, facing challenges and solving problems related to sustainable agriculture.


Teaching your children the importance of sustainability and respect for the environment through urban farming is a fantastic way to spend quality time together and contribute to a greener future. By putting these 5 fun activities into practice, your children will learn to take care of plants, cultivate their own food in a healthy and sustainable way, and understand the value of a healthy and environmentally friendly diet.

Additionally, you will create unforgettable moments together, strengthening the bond between parents and children and building precious memories. Start involving your children in urban farming today and discover all the joys this activity can bring into your family's life!


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