Schools and new generations: Hexagro's educational projects

Schools and new generations: Hexagro's educational projects

Introducing children to sustainability is a crucial step in building a greener and more prosperous future for the next generations. In this context, schools play a fundamental role in providing children with practical learning opportunities about the importance of responsible consumption and access to healthy and nutritious food.

That's why, at Hexagro, we are carrying out educational projects in schools aimed at teachers and students with the goal of creating a positive impact on the new generations.

Who we are and what we do

Raccolta di verdura sull'orto verticale Poty

 At Hexagro, we are committed to enabling anyone, anywhere, to access healthy food by increasing the accessibility of vertical farming technologies for all. We blend technology and biophilic design to create vertical farming systems that offer a unique and interactive urban farming experience. We provide modular and scalable vertical gardens, as well as automation software and agronomic services to facilitate the adoption of urban farming. Our focus on developing technologies and products that benefit people, the planet, and society has led us to be among the very first Benefit Corporations in Italy 

Vertical farming at school: our workshops 

Our journey with schools began over a year ago in collaboration with MR Digital, a company that supports schools in integrating technology into education and is our distributor for schools in Italy. For over a year, they have accompanied us in our mission to bring greenery and imagine food production that can happen anywhere, even at school! So far, we have worked with more than 20 schools across Italy, organizing workshops for students and teachers, introducing them first to the world of vertical farming and its benefits and later to the star of our seminars: Poty.

Workshop nelle scuole by Hexagro

But who is Poty? 

Poty is our first hydroponic vertical garden that allows children to have significant educational experiences and connect with nature and food production cycles. With its easy assembly and compact size, Poty can fit into many school environments, both indoors and outdoors, including classrooms, labs, courtyards, and gardens. It's also easy to manage thanks to the Hexbee App, the digital assistant, and the automatic irrigation system with a programmable timer. In other words, it's child-friendly!

Workshop nelle scuole by Hexagro

The value of Poty for education in childhood and primary education

For us at Hexagro, bringing Poty to schools holds high value. It doesn't just mean presenting our product; it means introducing the new generations to a lifestyle that will be essential for their future. Through vertical farming, children can connect with elements of nature and develop a range of skills: assembling Poty promotes teamwork, plant growth fosters patience and observation skills. This is closely tied to an approach that we feel very connected to in our philosophy, the Slow Pedagogy: teaching children the art of patience and helping them understand the importance of waiting in a world that moves so fast and where everything is just a click away.

Workshop nelle scuole by Hexagro 

In addition to soft skills, with Poty, children can refine hard skills such as learning the steps of an experiment and using simple tools, as well as gaining practical and concrete insights into many subjects they study in their books. 

Our work with secondary schools: the Living Farming Tree

Our commitment doesn't stop at primary schools. Our mission also includes introducing older students to the world of vertical farming and the importance of creating environments inspired by nature. For this reason, we have held various workshops, introducing the Living Farming Tree to high schools and technical institutes, which is the first high-pressure aeroponic vertical garden that combines technology and biophilic design.

Introducing the new generations to future cultivation technologies provides an excellent opportunity to teach various interdisciplinary subjects, including mathematics, geography, biology, and botany. The Hexagro EDU package is developed in collaboration with professional educators to promote experiential and practical educational programs.

Living Farming Tree, il primo orto aeroponico tecnologico e biofilico

The Living Farming Tree allows for a unique and engaging experience within thematic classrooms and school labs.

- Cultivating and experimenting with hydro/aero-ponic cultivation methods;

- Monitoring the growth of different plant varieties with custom cultivation parameters for each module;

- Analyzing process data and environmental conditions thanks to sensors integrated into the system and included in the EDU package;

- Understanding the needs and deficiencies of each plant type and adjusting irrigation and LED light parameters;

- Developing a critical eye and a scientific approach;

- Growing varieties for use in culinary laboratories.

What does it means for us? 

Workshop educativi by Hexagro

For us at Hexagro, these projects represent a unique and highly meaningful experience. They allow us to share our passion for innovation with the future generations and promote awareness of the importance of responsible and environmentally respectful agriculture.

The enthusiastic interest shown by both children and teachers is evidence to us that the direction we have taken is the right one, and one we want to continue following in the years to come. By offering our workshops as an innovative educational perspective, both for students and educators, we aim to cultivate a new generation of environmentally conscious and committed citizens toward a greener and more sustainable future.

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