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Nature and technology
come together to create a unique wellness experience

Reimagine wellness with the Living Farming Tree

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Living Farming Tree is the first vertical garden inspired by biophilic design

It uses sophisticated technology to grow nutrient-rich plants in any indoor environment

Discover the benefits of aeroponic cultivation and how easy it is to grow superfoods, thanks to the high automation of the Living Farming Tree.
Its biophilic design can adapt to any space, to to offer a newfound moment of wellness wherever you are.

How to grow
with LFT
High pressure aeroponics: grow without soil
This cultivation method doesn’t use any soil nor substrate to grow.
Water is nebulized directly on the roots to maximize the amount of nutrients absorbed and minimize water waste.
No green thumb required!
The Living Farming Tree is automated.
Our IoT technology picks the right cultivation parameters for your plants, calibrating water and light levels based on the type of plant and growth stage.
You can even monitor your cultivation from remote.
Grow up to 5 times faster
The combination of high pressure aeroponics and LED lights for horticulture makes for hyper-perfomant, optimized and safe plant growth.
You will see your plants grow right before your eyes!
Modular and customizable
We offer three configurations (S, M and L) to suit any interior, from the tiniest corners to bigger open spaces.
You can also access custom finishes to match the Living Farming Tree to your design and mood
The real superfoods
Thanks to the cultivation method we use, your plants will be rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals (up to 150% more than regular supermaket produce!).
A real explosion of wellness!
For home and business
The Living Farming Tree is designed to grow indoors and can be adapted to any environment, whether it’s your home, office, school or business.
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Hexsoft is our proprietary IoT app, designed for the Living Farming Tree.

You will be able to monitor cultivation and irrigation paramoeters thanks to a the central dashboard, receive notifications regarding your plants status, and request support from our agronomists if needed.

What people say

"C’è anche un risvolto sociale: per ogni Poty venduto, l’azienda installa nuovi moduli attraverso Hexagro Siembra Vertical, attualmente attivo in Colombia a sostegno delle comunità più fragili."

"Nato con l’intento di dar vita a un’economia circolare che possa combattere gli sprechi, Hexagro vanta importanti riconoscimenti ottenuti dalla Ellen MacArthur Foundation e dalla Solar Impulsa Foundation."

"Fa risparmiare risorse, non necessita di pesticidi e si può praticare anche negli uffici, dove il tema del benessere lavorativo è sempre più in cima all’agenda dei responsabili Risorse umane"
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