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Living Farming Tree,
an interactive indoor farming experience

Reimagine wellness in your business with the Living Farming Tree

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Living Farming Tree

Nature and technology come together to create a unique wellness experience

Redesign your space to create a relaxing and engaging workplace.
The Living Farming Tree will guide your team in discovering a new approach to collaboration: together you will be able to enjoy the harvest and see the plants thrive.

All inclusive - we take care of maintenance
Enjoy an all-inclusive experience with our hardware as a service model.
Regular monthly maintenance visits and refills of plants are included.Thanks to our partner we reach most of Europe.
Write us to find out if your area is covered.
Modular and customizable: it fits your needs
We offer three configurations (S, M and L) to suit any interior, from the tiniest corners to bigger open spaces.
You can also access custom finishes to match the Living Farming Tree to your interior design.
Write us to find out which configuration is best for you.
No green thumb required!
The Living Farming Tree is automated: our IoT technology picks the best cultivation parameters for your plants.
You’ll only have to pick your favorite varieties from our seasonal catalog.
Write us to find out what’s available today.
Always the freshest plants
Thanks to our soilless cultivation technology, plants grow up to 5 times faster, with 150% more nutrients than soil-grown products: fresh salads and herbs will be available for you all year round.
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Never run out of water
The Living Farming Tree monitors the growth parameters of your plants thanks to sensors. It will send you a notification if water levels are low or if power shuts down.
Your plants and harvest will always be safe and monitored, even when everyone is working from home!
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Your favorite wellness corner
Create a green corner for your employees and visitors, to offer a newfound moment of wellness indoors.
You will notice how the interaction with plants and availability of fresh food contribute to the creation of a healthier and flourishing workplace.
Let’s improve wellness in your business!
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How to grow
with LFT


Hexsoft is the digital experience of the Living Farming Tree.

It includes a proprietary IoT app, which will allow you to get notifications every time your plants are ready to be harvested, and will help you discover how to best enjoy them.
Monitor cultivation and irrigation parameters thanks to the central dashboard, and request support if needed.

Where to grow
with LFT

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