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Living Farming Tree,
an interactive indoor farming experience

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Living Farming Tree

A modular and IoT connected soilless-indoor garden

Living Farming Tree guides you through an interactive digital experience to access delicious harvests of your favorite herbs.
It’s compact and accommodates up to 72 plants, you will have fresh produce all-year-round.

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Modular and scalable
The Living Farming Tree comes in 3 different sizes, configurations and finishes.
There is no “one size fits all”: its configuration can be adapted to your space and needs. Choose the best configuration for you, and when you are ready order the expansion kits to increase your yield!
Fits up to 72 plants
Start small and scale up fast: the S Kit fits up to 24 plant vases, the M Kit up to 42 plant vases and the L Kit up to 72!
First harvest in less than 30 days
Learn how to prune, and harvest whenever you need.
High-Pressure Aeroponics
The most efficient soilless farming method. A fine mist of nutrients and water allows plant roots to expand freely in the air saving 90% of water and growing up to x3 times faster compared to soil-based methods thanks to the increased root oxygenation.
So performant that it’s the same technology used by NASA to grow food on the Moon and Mars!
LED lighting for horticulture
The LED lights allow plant cultivation and growth in any environment: they mimic the sun and provide the ideal spectrum of light to each plant.
Hexsoft: IoT Automation
Monitor the status of your system and control your LFT remotely from any device with the IoT web application, Hexsoft.
Technical specifications

S kit: W 97 cm x L 88 cm x H 115 cm
M kit: W 102 cm x L 97 cm x H 140 cm
L kit: W 130 cm x L 150 cm x H 140 cm

S kit: 24 plants | M kit: 42 plants | L kit: 78 plants

Product Weight:
S kit: 15 kg | M kit: 20 kg | L kit: 25 kg

Aluminum, Recycled PET Plastic, 3D Printed PMMA, PMMA, Painted steel

Power Supply:
Input 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, US power plug, EU or UK power plug

Classic White
Light Wood
Dark Wood
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What you can grow
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Hexsoft is our proprietary IoT application.

Control cultivation parameters such as LED Light color balance, irrigation frequencies and cycles to achieve the best cultivation performance.

Access automated cultivation recipes, monitor your indoor air quality and receive remote support from Hexagro specialists!

How to grow
with LFT

Where to grow
with LFT

The benefits for your company
Green design and technology to bring wellness into your business

Discover how to transform your workplace and increase wellness thanks to the power of data and automation.

We offer a hardware-as-a-service solution: we’ll deal with maintenance, you just have to enjoy your harvest.

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  • Hardware as a service model: all-inclusive experience
  • Don’t worry about keeping your plants green
  • Gather data on the quality of your space from our sensors
  • Increase wellbeing of residents
  • Enrich your space with green design and healthy food

What people say

"C’è anche un risvolto sociale: per ogni Poty venduto, l’azienda installa nuovi moduli attraverso Hexagro Siembra Vertical, attualmente attivo in Colombia a sostegno delle comunità più fragili."

"Nato con l’intento di dar vita a un’economia circolare che possa combattere gli sprechi, Hexagro vanta importanti riconoscimenti ottenuti dalla Ellen MacArthur Foundation e dalla Solar Impulsa Foundation."

"Fa risparmiare risorse, non necessita di pesticidi e si può praticare anche negli uffici, dove il tema del benessere lavorativo è sempre più in cima all’agenda dei responsabili Risorse umane"
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